Welcome to the Brain-Computer Interface Un-Conference (BCI-UC) series!

The Brain-Computer Interface Un-Conference (BCI-UC) series has been established during the COVID-19 pandemic to explore new ways of disseminating research in our community. It is held once a year and differs in various ways from traditional conferences: 


  • Submitted abstracts are not reviewed by a pre-selected program committee but by the BCI community at large. Anybody can register for the conference and up-vote submissions. The author(s) of the top-ranked submissions are invited to present their work at the un-conference. Statistical models are employed to detect and correct fraudulent voting behavior.
  • The BCI-UC conference publishes no proceedings. As a result, submissions to the BCI-UC conference may describe already published work.
  • All presentations are streamed online free-of-charge and are accessible on the BCI-UC webpage after the event.


The BCI-UC does not intend to replace but complement traditional conferences in our field.

Past events

1st BCI-Unconference with Keynotes from Mariska Vansteensel and Christian Herff.

2nd BCI Unconference with keynotes from Camille Jeunet and Marco Congedo.

3rd BCI Unconference with keynotes from Cynthia Chestek and Thorsten Zander.

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Other events

BCI Thursdays

The BCI Society is pleased to announce the novel BCI Thursdays, a series of online events starting in January 2021.